The Venue Steadily Filled

The Colorado Room,  Sept 23, 2016
A beautiful space that had a significant transformation since I last stood there. The open outdoor patio had a roof, the new fire pit danced merrily and  the stage had  been enlarged and repositioned. A cozy atmosphere perfect to host an event that has been anticipated for 300 days or 9 months and 26 days, if you rather. The last time there was such an event was back in November of 2015 at The Swing Station. The last time this happened was one of my first tastes of  fully free. I’ve been expectantly waiting to discover what this may bring.
The venue steadily filled with friends and friends of friends.  My head spun a little. Surreal. The room began to transform, tables and chairs were set aside to make way for a dance floor. The Band set the stage and ran sound checks. I watched my nieces and nephew bounce around excited for the music to start, ready to dance and dance and dance. The room became a collision of years of life and relationship, years of time spent merging in one place. A lovingly created space for family, friends and fun, where cares and worries can be lost for a time. A space I’m a little more familiar with these days.
 S•O•U•L…let it roll, let it roll… When the sun is shining down you won’t find no frown on my face, on my face…even when the clouds cover the sky and the lightening bolts around, you won’t find no frown on my face….
…What brought us here?
Here in this present year of Jubilee.
The. Comeback. Show
A group of people who, just a year ago, seemed to live in a different realm. Whose lives and music spoke of a way of life I had only ever found in daydreams. Their lyrics, instrumental in calling my life out of observation into experience. Now much more than just mere acquaintances, A Brothers Fountain who through the last space of time have shown me much of life, freedom and joy took to the Stage.
As A Brother’s Fountain began their set, I found it once again true that I faced an experience that dug into a deeper part of me. Lyrics winding their way into my mind and heart.  I saw the people around me and realized there were so many people from my past in this one room who new a very different version of me. A very refined, composed, and self-controlled me. How real is the freedom that has claimed my life these last 300 days? How will it stand amidst the presence of so many eyes that have never witnessed this life in the realm it dwells now? Those fears, insecurities, distortions and expectations that snapped and began to fall away in this very room so long ago, how far gone are they really????

Well I’m pleased to say,  as I Danced, right up front by the stage of coarse,  and Laughed and sang. I couldn’t contain the joy that overwhelmed, the thankfulness that tore through me as I watched and listened to my friends share their lives and music.   I saw other friends ushered into a new space, merge from sitters to standers to dancers in a single night. As A Brothers Fountain reclaimed the stage, releasing truth and life into the atmosphere I found myself in wonder, dancing in Freedom that didn’t change with the tide or the faces in the crowd but that had taken root deep, way down deep in my Soul.

..S.O.U.L…let it roll, let it roll..
And Just Like that. They. Are. Back!
Blog Post By:
Miranda Shively

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