These Places. These Times. These People.

“Walking in the light is more than just knowing and obeying certain truths — it is being True and Being Free from the compulsion to Hide.” (Rick Joyner)

No fear.  No regrets.  Walk. Run. Climb.   Dance.  Believe.
“Thats when a man came to me and He said these words… He said come away’o with me ….I said I’m sick and tired of living my life in darkness doubt and fear…He severed those shackles…cut those cuffs..
He said come away’o with me….take my hand and follow me. I’ll take you to the place that you were meant to be….”
 l love having something to invite people into. Something I’m always confident people will be freely received, loved and brought in. In this place fun will be had, new friends will be made, and those who enter in will walk away refreshed under Unconditional love.  Most the time smiling contentedly. Inspired.   It’s a larger gift than most ever know.  Where anyone and all are welcome into the embrace and presence of love, honor of the beauty of people and the world, just as they are, right where they are.  Relish it.  There’s grace. Life’s a journey.
“…He took me to the mountain top…look at the stars in the sky,…at the sun and the moon. They were made out of love for you…I saw those stars… the sun and the moon,  but I felt… Oh so confused…how could they be made for me? ….how in the Lords name could I be free?”
This show felt  both nostalgic and propelling. Reminiscent of days gone by, places and experiences had, highlighted by the edge of uncertainty, blazing new trails and a shimmering  twinkle of the unexpected and yet to be known. Music theming journey. Testing, stepping into places you’ve never stepped before.  Finding out who you are, what you are made of and capable of. Running to the great unknown. Unearthing self and others and claiming your own. Don’t hold back, the flavor and aroma of discovering.
“…. take my hand.
Ill take you to the mountain. ” 
I love these places.  These times.  These People laughing. Delighting, enjoying, carefree, losing the compulsion to Hide.
What has living with these, abundantly generous, wildly gracious, Lovers of God, People and life taught me? What from them has been filling in deficit parts in me?  What has their presence been imparting to and waking up in me? What have I found here?…
-Absorb, don’t shy away from  the quiet, simple, peaceful moments: the long walk to the cliff  face, the stillness of watching the campfire burn low, the contented, silent moments of companionship. Just being.
– Tell people the amazingness that they are. Share with them the good and gold you see in them. Communicate to people they matter to you and to this world. Enjoy them.  The fun. The music.  The peace.  the joy.  The laughter. The giving.  the Receiving.  The life.
-Dreams will only remain dreams unless your willing to not just think about it and actually give it a go. 
-Life is worth the living.  So live it.
This is all become a part of me. Rid of the shackles, rid of the cuffs. Taking His hand and letting Him lead me to the mountain, to the edge of all things, where we get to find life abundantly.
“…Run on.
And. Don’t.You.Stop.”
Blog Post By:
Maranda Shively

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