Early signs of a damn fine day.

The Friday of 2/24/2017 was tuning  itself up to be a damn fine day from the very wee hours of the dawn.
 I woke to a  small dusting of sugar snow falling to blanket the day. This day was making a grand opening and I was pretty sure that there would be quit a finale as well.
Although in all reality it’s only been a small amount of time that’s passed, time has stretched and with all the grand illusion it could muster has made only a couple months feel like a very, Very long space of time lacking a certain musical variety.
A few weeks ago, I was reminded how long it had been since I had enjoyed this particular goodness as I received a small taste of heart tunes around a dinner table.
Then a week ago, as though coming to the end of a small famine, I joyfully and might I add, tearfully received an unexpected gift in my email inbox that was another reminder of the  seemingly longer than forever space of time I’ve experienced  deprived of certain good vibrations and harmony. It was a recording of ABF’s practice set just weeks before their show. Upon receiving and opening this little taste of the goodness to come and after my face stopped hurting from smiling to much, the first thought I recall having was, “Only 44 min!?!?’
I hope this upcoming lyrical and musical delicacy is going to span more than 44 min!’
As I relished the little morsel thrown my way there was a growing anticipation of the feast to come.
Well friends, Friday hosted a feast to best all previous feasts. It did not disappoint. It was a most delightful treat.
King Cardinal and The Clearing made quit an appearance. Highest  quality performance and beauty sound, easy to savor, richest of fare.
The bar has been raised, the goals stretching higher. My friends, rising to meet the occasion.
 File Mar 01, 1 44 59 PM.jpeg
Pure and golden art is what I witnessed Friday 2/24. With a venue packed with friends and family, in their first show of 2017, A Brother’s Fountain outdid themselves.
This was hands down the cleanest, clearest, sharpest and most artfully done show to date that I’ve had the joy to  partake in. They truly performed at a whole new level. The music and movements tight, crisp. The dynamics, the sounds, intertwining. The ebbs and flows of the rhythm were engaging, aweing and breathtaking. Bestowing moments where the crowd went wild, chanting the favorite lines of songs and then, moments of heart stopping, hush demanding, raw element, that literally stilled the high energy of the crowd in seconds. Drawing beauty, playing emotion and fun, weaving experience.
A Brother’s Fountain upped the game. The whole performance a rich delicacy, intricate details, played artfully, professionally and soulfully.
A Brother’s Fountain,  this show was a most grand finale to the day of 2/24. One to fill your loved ones with pride and joy as you skillfully and beautifully gave your all.  The grand finale of this day was not only a grand finale, but a grand opening. An opening where the ceiling of yesterday is the floor of today and there is no knowing how far and high the ceiling of tomorrow resides.
Keep on keeping on. The Artistry, the intricate weaving and preparing. This beautiful piece at the Artery we tasted was only the first revealing of a whole new master piece in the making, my Friends!
So proud of you all!
Blog Post By
Maranda Shively
More of Maranda’s blogs at: https://www.goread.com/author/shivelym24/

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