Unexpected Moments

Just a week before this day, we had driven part of this road. It was green and warm, and mid-morning. We decided to take the scenic route, though it added extra time, the view was going to be oh so worth it. I was HaPpY we were up for the scenic route. I love taking the scenic route. It’s the longer road, but creates memories in a unique way.  It was beautiful. It was a journey of fullness, fun conversation lulling into long content silences, peaceful, reaching to the deep of the soul. Just being where you are with who you are with, headed into a weekend of fun, laughs and venturing. Playing. We adults sometimes forget to play. Playing’s good for the soul. Our time playing was winding down, coming way too close to its end.  We were sitting under the rock face, talking bout the week to come.  A friend leaned over and asked, “Have you thought about going next weekend? Would you want to go? It would be so fun. I’ve thought about it but wouldn’t want to go by myself.” Inside I began to laugh. Have I thought about it??? You’re kidding right? Yeah I’ve thought about it. Thought about it round and round!  Have been thinking it would be so much fun to rally a crew and go. Would have been even more  fun to just show up with no forewarning but a few details inhibit it.  I had been trying to figure out if people would be willing to make it work or pull together to come. Funny thing is ya never know until you ask em!  Well, the conversations lead to questions and conniving and by the end of the hour we had a plan of action. We were gonna give it a go!


The Road this weekend was a little different. As I came up into the hills the roads were wet, the air was cold and the green trees were frosted in snow. The clouds played fitfully, coughing spouts of rain and then dancing away into the early evening sun, just to spin and spit a little flurry then blitz away up the valley wall.  Unlike the weekend before, I was cruising solo just soaking in wonder along the way. Only a week and there was a striking, different road or rather same road, different atmosphere.   This drive is one of my favorite drives. It always has a way of revealing mystical beauty and wonder.   I was headed to a place I had wanted to return to since last summer. Now I had such a very fun reason to do so.

Buena Vista translated means “Good View”. It’s a special place. Good people, amazing environment and the beauty that surrounds this little town backs its name.  Drive this drive in the early evening and drop into the valley as the sun sets behind the ginormous majestic  collegiate peaks that rise valiantly to the west of the valley; you may encounter something almost magical. The river leaves a silver tracer across the valley floor and giant rock structures peak from the forests blanketing the slopes that nestle B.V. into its little abode. This town is a town that cries adventure. Climbing, kayaking, hot springs, hiking, biking, adventure camps, mingle with bakeries and coffee shops, art galleries, mom and pop shops, various music venues, new and old Main Street.  Somehow it all seems to have found a home in this eclectic soul rich little town.

One of the music venues was what drew us there this particular weekend.


A.B.F was going on a weekend tour. The first stop was B.V. with Crested Butte to follow.  When they mentioned it, there was a thought. Sadly it had only remained a thought until the previous weekend anyway.  In my head I had convinced myself not too.  So thankful for a few friends who don’t mind some spontaneity!

The Lariat- rope used as a lasso or for tethering.

The whole weekend was an amazing gift, unexpected and man, what a view.  The people I received time with, the time spent, a bringing together of some new places and peoples. So thankful I didn’t stay convinced not to go, this road was worth the drive.


The day before the show they spent the day out on the town and in the usual A.B.F. Fashion quickly made some new friends. That evening people filled the room. Groups of friends from past life experience, from different cities, with all sorts of backgrounds, different interests and connections, each with their own way of ending up in the same building on the same evening. So many people, all on common ground, in a few hours being lassoed together tethered by sounds, lyrics, fun and the simple joys of life. The band played and through the evening murmurs of “I love this music! The lyrics are so good. This is so good. I’m so glad we came tonight”could be heard drifting through the familiar sounds of A.B.F..  There was one particularly most memorable moment the likes of which we haven’t seen to date. Toward the end of the second set in almost military like precision, instantaneously with one turn an entire group of people, snapped into a choreographed line dance. All moving as one unit, absorbing and roping in those of us who didn’t know the steps, helping us learn. The entire dance section moved as one for an indefinite measure of time. All moving, lost in the music, lost in the beat, Together. These people, in a mere few hours felt like old friends. Laughing, embracing, in tune and in sync.


The view surrounding  Buena Vista is breathtaking to say the least,  but  the view at the Lariat that night was wonder and heart taking, a glory to behold. It was most beautiful. My heart still smiles. The unexpected moments, brothers, sisters, people from across the United States and around the world all brought together. Influence expanding, it just keeps flowing, unbound, unleashing.  So many received moments, being reminded of the good things in life ya wanna hold on tight too.  How moments matter. Places of being reminded of the best things, friends, family, people who will go the extra mile, the further distance, they don’t have too, but will. Moments that bind people together, help strengthen the whole. The absolute gift of living tethered within community, it changes atmospheres, synchronizes hearts and tunes our perspective.

So thankful there was reason to drive that old road. The souls, the moments and breathtaking beauty and heart stealing wonder at The Lariat. A most unique Journey from the moment we said ‘go’.  The Good View opening at the Lariat was one to blow the clouds away and call sunshine into the world around.  What a gift to witness.


A.B.F. Thanks for playing. Thank you for driving the road and taking the scenic route. Thank you for gathering and creating space for tying peoples together.  Thank you for going the extra mile. Thank you for helping open the wonderful and beyond beautiful view!

Blog Post By Maranda Shively



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